Day #1-Rediscovering My Blogging Groove: "5 signs you have fallen off the blogging wagon"

Well I have decided to once again climb aboard the blogging wagon. Like many things in my life, blogging seems to be some cyclical – with big highs and many lows.

I aim to use this short 7 day program to find my lost blogging groove by Problogger, Darren Rouse.

Day #1 task is just to create a simple list on any subject (finding a subject is a hard enough task imo), but here we go:

5 Signs You Have Fallen off the Blogging Wagon


5. It takes you nearly 45 mins to remember how to log in to your blog site:  The search a few weeks back for my login and password was easy, however the random /wp-admin at the end of my blog URL was the challenge! I mean, it just makes no sense to me what-so-ever! One would think there would at least be a /login at the end of the url or something just as sensible.

*Of course this IS assuming you even remember your URL.*

image4. You re-bling your blog and again and again and again…. I think it is possible I have spend a majority of my waking computer time in the last week playing with themes, widgets etc. Image Source: Athena

3. You begin to covet the blogs of others: You spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the blogs of others and wishing you had kept going! Also a large proportion of time for me has been allocated to re-tweaking some old posts I didn’t like without really doing anything new. It kind of mesmerises me, hypnotic.  Easier to read than to do I guess.

image2. Developing grandiose ideas about what you are going to do with your newly revamped blog (see #4 and #5). I think I spend more time just THINKING about blogging and the things i want to say than actually doing anything about it.  It develops into some kind of blog mania/obsession without actually putting finger to keyboard. Image Source: Ian Lloyd

1. Setting up multiple blogs and other related accounts to serve the plans of #2. For example

The setting up is all very exciting and while I do expect the ecu23things to get used heavily from April ’09, /sigh they will remain as relatively untouched as this poor thing I suspect!


So, there we have it -hopefully post 1 of the 7 day challenge. 6 more days – not sure if I can hack the pace!

4 thoughts on “Day #1-Rediscovering My Blogging Groove: "5 signs you have fallen off the blogging wagon"

  1. Well welcome back @evilsue tweeter, good to see another Westie I can call on when my Perth trip beckons

  2. Hi Tony 🙂 thanks for the support! it’s been a veritable blogging drought.

    Trying to get my groove back before work starts again. In theory will be able to “groove” to my blog and work and study simultaneously!

    fingers crossed 🙂

    p.s. just found u on twitter 🙂

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  4. hello Sue ..

    i hope you find your mojo and your writing groove very soon. i’m sure you will.

    ps: blog bling can be very important .. just like the formatting on that project report that was due a week ago ;-] (bold bold, heading heading bold)

    best regards, michael

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