Troubleshooting YouTube videos in Edublogs

screamI had some trouble with a recent post, embedding a YouTube video into my blog here at Edublogs. For a real simple method of inserting a video, I spent 2 hours pulling my hair out and screaming at the computer. Both Sue Waters and Mike Temple [experienced Edublogs users] could not work it out either.

In desperation, I asked James from Edublogs if he could fix the problem.

Such a simple thing!

Mike Temple has a great site with step-by-step instructions for inserting video’s which really does work.

But – traps for young players!

The URL I was trying to insert was THIS

Apparently the problem is the uk at the front of the URL.


If you are trying to insert a YouTube url into Edublogs, remove the uk from the front of the url to get this and then cut and paste into the Embed media icon and bingo!


4 thoughts on “Troubleshooting YouTube videos in Edublogs

  1. This would be good, if YouTube wasn’t blocked where I am!!!

    Are you talking to me yet?

    Still got this bloody cold of yours, have been off for a week!


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