Site subscription for dummies

My last 3 weeks at both work and home seems to have had many conversations about subscribing to sites.  Michelle Martin did a great post on the use of Google Reader and Alex Miller has been lured to Netvibes (not had time to investigate that yet).

While the dialogues of more advanced users about the use of RSS has been of value, I have been discussing the use of feeders at work with my baby boomer colleagues. Lessons in what to look for, setting up an account etc.

Tonight noticed something – maybe its obvious to everyone else but look…..


Instead of trawling through the site to find the feeder links, its sitting right there in the address bar imageof my machine!  I have tested this and it takes me straight to old faithful .

From what I can gather, this functionality is not available in IE – well version 6 at least.   I am currently running Firefox so guessing it is something associated with that.

In future, when explaining RSS, will make sure they have Firefox installed (which is most of my workplace anywsay) and use this method.  Much easier.  Even my troglodyte father could work this one out.

31 Days to a Bb – Day 1: Email a new reader of your blog

Wow can actually say I have officially completed this.   As you may remember a whole 72 hours ago I only had the 3 readers, myself, Good Sue (Muddy) Waters and Frances McLean.  Thanks to Kate (dramagirl) Foy, Christine Martell, Alex Miller for posting comments.   I have replied to their posts and emailed them – having received some great encouragement and feedback :).  Thought I had one from Laura somewhere, but maybe I am going mad from some sort of blog toxin from overexposure.  Now to maintain the discipline,