BloG wrestling 103 – Bloody blogrolls


Bloody bloody bloody blogrolls.

There is more to this blogging caper than one would suspect.

Let’s start with a working definition – up to 90 minutes ago…I had a fuzzy concept of what one was – and it was wrong!

“A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs or websites that the author of the blog regularly likes to read.The blogroll generally resides in one of the side columns of the blog”.

Sounds bloody obvious now doesn’t it? 🙁

The way Edublogs is set up [i.e. not user intuitive and with minimal documented assistance], I was able to set up a number of categories from within the manage function. Blogroll is a default category from within this area. For some weird reason I set up a number of subcategories from within the Blogroll category. Made sense at the time apparently.

Heck knows what I did next, but I managed to stuff up my blog royally 🙁 – Poor Good Sue had to fix it up – not to mention all the widgets I butchered in the process.

So here are some tips for managing your blogrolls:

1) Go tmanage categories menuo Manage/Categories

2) this is the little sucker you want – make sure you don’t add things under the blogroll category. I managed that little problem, by making Blogroll the default Blogroll Categorycategory for all my posts (and therein was the crux of the problem.

3) Now visit Blogroll/Add Link – this is where you can actually add the REAL blogroll links to your blog 😀

manage blogroll

4) Now for the final touch

Add blogroll link

4.1 Give your site a meaningful name

4.2 Cut and paste the URL in

4.3 Give it a description if you like (don’t need to do this)

4.4 Hit the “Add Link” button

and Voila! Your functional blogroll

Good Luck 😀

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