logins and passwords ad infinitum………

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have a trillion logins and password for every single defining thing in my life. This is a quick list off the top of my head at 11:30 pm at night with a roaring headcold:

🙂 Internet banking x3 🙂 Work computer login 🙂 Work HR login to see my pay and leave etc 🙂 Work finance systems login x2 🙂 Gmail/Gtalk login 🙂 ISP login and password 🙂 VPN login and password 🙂 Edublogs 🙂 Twitter 🙂 podOmatic 🙂 Wikispaces 🙂 Skype 🙂 Windows messenger 🙂 ICQ 🙂 mIRC 🙂 site meter 🙂 PayPal 🙂 Ning 🙂 MySpace 🙂 Everquest II 🙂 Del-icio-us 🙂 Comeeko 🙂 flickr 🙂 eBay 🙂 Yahoo 🙂

and that is without drawing breath……oh and of course, the ever important atm pin number. How does one keep track of them all? Well probably like most of you, for the ubiquitous internet accounts I have (minus the bank) – I try to keep the login and password the same…however, you would be surprised at the number of people that want the monica of “fishgirl”. I am known as fishgirl, fishgirl7, fishgirl07, fishgirl_07, fishgirl_007 – you can see the increasing desparation as I try to stay as close to the original nick as I can.

It’s somewhat depressing.

Alex Hayes put me onto this. Have a listen. I think it says it all.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/RrpajcAgR1E" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

and on that note, my codral, my tissues and my stuffy head are crawling off to bed.

Storage Capacity of the Modern PC – When is enough enough?

I wonder when I can buy a terabyte of drive space for my PC? Perhaps it’s already out there for the home hack, just costly? Here I am with 200 Gb on my pc and my HDD has something in the order of 372 Mb of available space left :(. Ok slight exaggeration, my C:/ has that left. I have partitioned my HDD into 2. The other drive E:/ has 90 Gb left, but beginning to think that is not enough either – when that fills I will be up to 200 Gb ffs (use your netlingo translator for THAT!). There was a point in time where 10 Mb was considered capacity far too large for the home pc. I was researching the other day purchasing an 500 Gb external HDD for a pc at work for storing several large files 50 – 60 Gb each. The problem with using an external HDD at home for backing up stuff, but most of my space is being used by files that need to be stored and run from here…… hmmm a quandry

Guessing I am not the only one with this problem.

I have a slaved HDD sitting inside the box. My really old pc. A whopping 4 Gb. I remember thinking, omg, I will never fill that….

oh how far I have come – a 50 fold increase in capacity and yet it’s not enough. Did you know….this is the scary bit, that a terabyte is 1 TRILLION [*gulp*] bytes or 1000 Gb?

Just to blow your head away, check this out:

yotta [Y] = 10^24
zetta [Z] = 10^21
exa [E] = 10^18
peta [P] = 10^15
tera [T] = 10^12 almost here for the home pc
giga [G] = 10^9 (a billion or thousand million or a trillion bytes)
mega [M] = 10^6 (a million)
kilo [k] = 10^3 (a thousand)

wonder what the hell is after a yottabyte [Yb?] anyway? With how exponentially quick this stuff is moving, I think I will see a Yotta in my lifetime – hell, could use one now 😀