Technology addiction runs in the family – even oldies catch it

You think you are going home for 2 days, to visit the parents, do the ANZAC day thing and have your mother wait on you hand and foot (well at least cook you meals). What you least suspect is that you will spend 48h coaching parents in all things ipods, blogs and flickr. I feel like I need a break from my break!

I was doing a trip to a winery to pick up some port with my father (as one is prone to doing when one’s parents live near Margaret River), and I was playing with my new receiver and charger in the car (no, I wasn’t driving). Of course this led to a variety of questions (frighteningly, some of them intelligent) from my 64 year old father. The answers obviously intrigued him as we ended up doing not 1 but 3 trips to Harvey Norman in Busselton (a bit of trepidation and cold feet at the last minute – x2) to buy a new ipod and receiver and charger for the parents.

My parents spend 6 months a year in Exmouth (lucky things – I am forced to visit of course) and are heading up next week. They tend to (wait for it) take over 100 cds with them. So, my evening is ripping over 100+ cds for transfer to the aforementioned new ipod. I have stacks upon stacks upon stacks around my desk (think I am about at 50 or so at the moment) and can barely access the keyboard.

As if I was not glutton enough for the punishment I am currently immersed in, I decided that since they were moving into these waters, they should start blogging and set up a flickr account. When up North, they routinely send huge emails with wads of photos attached, that blocks up everyones emails. Hence, 2 days of geriatric Web2.0 training. I must say though, they are very keen and have already posted a blog and loaded pics to flickr.

I suspect many more phone calls of just-in-time technical support over the next 6 months (2 today already, and I have only been in Perth 24h).

Anyway, back to CD ripping. /sigh

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