And so I begin….

I confess, I am a self-professed techno-junkie. My friend “Good” Sue Waters has recently re-ignited my passion for the internet, and learning in a technology based environment. To the point that I have become slightly obsessed by the entire thing. [Possibly not as obsessed as her 🙂 – although, I have had to teach her emoticons and NetLingo because she is a bit of an old nanna].

My role in Professional Development at ECU is to look at alternate ways of providing professional development to our some 2000 staff from traditional lock-step methodology. Courses offered at PD@ECU range from compliance based to using the business technology, to leadership and managment and soft skills. As you can imagine, it is not as simple as bunging all of these online and bob’s your uncle.

In particular over the next 5 – 10 years, ECU’s age demographic will experience some significant swings from baby boomer laden to more (in theory if we can recruit them) Gen X and Gen Y staff. Consequently this may also include a shift in the pedagogical approach to the learning experiences of our staff.

Hence, this blog. Now, I am a self-professed blog hater. Though perhaps that’s unfair, as I have never really and truly attempted to blog. As Good Sue says, they are overwhelming. I too have started using Google Reader as my ‘portable’ content aggregator. This blog will in concept, be my personal journey into Web2.0 and maybe Web3.0 technologies and their application to the professional development of staff at my organisation. Keeping in mind, that the purpose of developing our staff, is to align their capabilities to the strategic goals and directions of the university.

I suspect my first challenge will be to master the functionality of this blog. Good Sue said to use the easier blogger. But buggar that, what she can do, I can do better! Muwhahahahahah – bring it on!

5 thoughts on “And so I begin….

  1. Congratulations Sue on setting up your blog. While blogger is definitely easier edublogs blogs definitely have more functionality. I look forward to seeing you set up your side bar and page menu system (would be good if you completed About page?)

    Love the comment “But buggar that, what she can do, I can do better!” No competition really…..BTW really good post! Look forward to reading many more through my Google Reader.

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  3. “Good Sue” has started a competition between us all. I think it is because I had my blog up before hers so now the race is on. Only thing is I am going to be a bit boring. I have done all the glitter, animated gif and moving cursors when I first started developing webpages (about the time of the ark) 🙂
    So this time I think I will leave it all to her.
    And yeas she has got me organised with my Google Reader, and wiki’s. She used to say that seeing I am in IT I should already be ‘into’ all this. Now I definably don’t have any spare time, it can certainly all get a bit addictive.

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