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Ideas needed for the big day 300 Flickr & Twitter 365 Day Challenge

Posted by: | October 25, 2009 | 2 Comments |

Those of you crazy enough to monitor this blog in the vain hope it may one  day again be updated, well, here you are.

Some of you may know that both myself and my friend @charp are doing the Twitter 365 day challenge.  Challenge is the understatement of the last 298 days quite frankly.  We are required to post one picture of ourselves to flickr every day for 365 days.  This Tuesday is the big one. Day

fun3b fun0bfun0b

Charpie and I thought we should celebrate the 2nd last of our big milestones in fashion and do some form of photo together. Obviously taken on our own cameras etc etc…. but themed or something.

After 298 days….. we are 2 cerebral vacuums of the most unbelievable kind (easy to believe if you have seen the last 3 weeks of my bathroom products…sorry, but as I said…..ARRRRGH kinda over it and out of ideas).

What we would DEARLY love is input from our readers, friends & crazy arse followers – all 3 of you out there :) via comments on this blog.  We will collate a number of suggestions as to what we think is feasible / manageable in an after work time frame – and put it to the vote out there in the Twitterverse tomorrow!

After all, you have suffered the last 300 odd days (some days of which were odder than others….) with us already so why not have some input!

Looking forward to the suggestions!

@EvilSue  &  @charp

Oh and if you have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about, check out Al’s photographic awesomeness — and yes mental vacuum days as well as mine

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  1. By: Levi on October 26, 2009 at 10:17 am      

    I’ve seen people finish their 365′s by printing out all of their photos and then take a photo of themselves with their photos, but that’d be something I’d save for the end.

    Maybe you could recreate a scene from 300 (the movie/graphic novel)?

    Or take an idea from the wikipedia article on the significance of the number 300?


  2. By: Sue Hickton on October 26, 2009 at 10:44 am      

    Sweet! I am SO adding that to the list for day 365…which, as it happens is most unfortunately NYE :(

    Great ideas though re: the movie/novel.

    Thanks Levi!


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